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The internet provides an easy method of entertainment and communication. Internet chatting, dating online and video chat have become an important source of entertainment. Now webcam Sex is also increasing where face to face meeting and interaction takes place. Many times social networking helps in removing loneliness or recovering from a divorce or break up. A certain amount of discretion has to be exercised. Generally people like to present a different picture of them and enjoy dreaming up heroic profiles which are far from truth. With webcam dating a direct interaction where we actually meet the person takes place and the real physical appearance is seen.

With more and more online Sex chat and video chat rooms coming up there have been cases of hacking and misuse of dating sites by hackers and peeping toms. This is also true about webcam chat. Just as pin numbers of ATM cards, passwords etc are hacked in and the safety precautions we follow to avoid it we have to be aware of this hazard also. Two main hazards are webcam hacking and webcam spying.


Almost 25% of computers have cheap webcam Sex and almost all the laptops in recent years have built in cameras. There have been cases of web cam programs hijacked. Even when not in use the webcam can be run and used for spying or your privacy compromised. Some important safety measures to be followed are

1 . Ensure that up to date internet security software is installed

2.  Disable built in cameras when not in use. Where separate cameras are used, unplug them when not in use.

3. The computer/camera should not be kept in a place where it can reveal private details.

4.  The operation light of the camera is an indicator whether the camera is on or not. However recent studies show that hackers are able to disable this light also. 

Webcam hijacking takes place when a Remote Access Trojan Virus (RAT) is unknowingly downloaded on the computer or installed when the computer is left unattended.  Webcam monitoring is a useful device when done for security process in shops, schools and workplaces. The same device is used for internet spying also. Read more here by keeping the above points in mind it is essential that webcam dating if used properly can be a good method of meeting friends and interacting. Click here to study of site and the safety measures adopted by them should be carefully scrutinized.